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Design Style

What is your design style?
Modern Industrial
Hipster Mid Century
Classic Bohemian
A Mixture

Design Style

Which color stories do you like?
Fresh and Colourful Soothing and Nuetral
Vibrant Primary Colors Warm and Cozy
Architectual and Photography Cool and Modern


How do you want to FEEL at home?
peaceful & relaxed

sophisticated & polished

productive & practical

quirky & unique



How do you live?
(Check off ALL that apply)
I like to host social gatherings

I work from home

I like relaxing at home

A mix of

Who do you live with?
I live with kids and pets

I live alone

I live with a partner

I live with a roommate



Tell us from most important to least important what's most important to you now:
*1 is most important to 4 least important

Time (I need a furnished space asap)

Style (I don't mind waiting for the right style)

Price (I don't want to spend a lot of money right now)

Quality (I want to purchase furnishings with a higher level of craftmanship)


Which rooms need to be designed and what is your budget?

living room (live bundle)

$1995 (essentials)
$3995 (classic)
$8995 (luxe)

*Live bundles come with:
a sofa, an accent chair, coffee table
2 end tables and a media stand

dining room (eat bundle)

$895 (essentials)
$1995 (classic)
$3995 (luxe)

*Dine bundle comes with
a dining table and 4 chairs

bedroom (sleep bundle)


*Sleep bundles come with
a full/queen bed, 2 side tables and a dresser/chest

Additional rooms & budget?
Please describe

*Delivery is not included in furniture pricing
** Furniture substitutions available to your room bundles


How soon would you like to receive your furnishings?

ASAP! I'm in my space and don't have anything

2-3 Weeks (I'm moving in less than 2 weeks don't have anything)

Now & then (I'd like a few things now and am willing to wait 4-6 weeks

In a few months (I want to get idea's right now)

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